Photographer based in The Netherlands
BA Photography, Willem de Kooning Academy, University of Arts – 2013 / 2018

Artist Statement

Stephany Caparn (1991) is inspired in her photography by the stylized works from the Renaissance. The focus from that period on the human body with calm poses, striking folds in the clothing and lifelike images are reflected in Caparn’s work. Her photography sketches a dreamy image of a better world with distinctive fashionable outfits and soft colours.

With a calm attitude, Caparn’s authentic models stand confidently in front of her camera. Caparn approaches the immortalization of these persons from a romanticized perspective, but with a contemporary perspective. As a social-activist image maker, she responds to stigmas and imaging in contemporary society. Using different ideals of beauty and cultural diversity, she pays attention to characters and shows appreciation for individual emotional life, love and friendship.

Words by Peta Eisberg

Selected Bibliography
Cover BK-informatie, 2018-4
SHUTR #3, 2018

2019 Group exhibition at Galerie Pennings
2018 Online exhibition Wereld Museum Rotterdam
2018 Solo exhibition Museum Villa Mondriaan

2019 Nomination for the Harry Penningsprijs by Pennings Foundation
2018 Nomination by Fotomuseum Winterthur as emerging artist 
2018 Nomination for the Drempelprijs
2017 Running for Young Talent Olympus Award