Artist Statement

In her younger years there used to be a lot of chaos around Stephany. Therefore she developed a need to create nostalgic images where she looks at the world from a distance and thinking about it from a romantic point of view. This way Stephany combines classical with modern elements and she tries to rediscover the Classical Art where she feels much affinity for.

With a focus on fashion, her images are inspired by stylized works from the Renaissance. The true-to-life, spatial, emphasis on calm poses, pleats in clothing that emphasize the body and the movement instead of the decorative effect, are the most important. Stephany likes to experiment with composition, classic elements, expanding parts, amazing faces, angles and the use of colors.

The focus is mainly on composition and aesthetics. She uses these building blocks to construct her images and thus Stephany creates her better world where she try to restore the chaos. Her images represent the romantic escapist in Stephany.